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Hailing from the outskirts of Boston, MA, Soul Remnants began to form in 2003 with Thomas Preziosi on guitar and Mitch Fletcher on vocals.  After a number of demos, the debut album "Plague of the Universe" was released on December 11th 2009.  Following the release of the debut album, Ryan Murphy joined on bass, Chad Fisher on second guitar, and Colin Conway on drums. The group built upon the already sturdy metal foundations of the debut, and upped the intensity and performance with their follow up albums "Black and Blood" (2013) and "Ouroboros" (2017). Never allowing a single genre to define them, Soul Remnants continues to develop their unique sound on the latest album "Raising the Sacrificial Dagger" (2021). As with all of their previous albums, mixing and mastering is handled by Peter Rutcho.


Having toured through underground venues across the USA and Europe, Soul Remnants continues to churn, as old-school death metalers do, and have no signs of stopping anytime soon. 


Soul Remnants have shared the stage with notable bands such as Nile, Obituary, Suffocation, Revocation, Lock Up, Fleshcrawl, Deceased, Master, Bloodsoaked, RIvers of Nihil, Goat Whore and Rotten Sound. Their song "Dead Black (Heart of Ice)" is also featured in the acclaimed video game, Rock Band 4. 


Soul Remnants is:

  • Mitch Fletcher - Vocals

  • Tom Preziosi - Guitar

  • Chad Fisher - Guitar

  • Ryan Murphy - Bass

  • Colin Conway - Drums

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