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Everyday, the gears of society grind away humanity, sacrificed for greed. Individuality is boiled down to a cesspool of war and rivalry, while privacy is stripped away piece by piece. Existence is sacrifice.    



The fourth full-length album by Soul Remnants, RAISING THE SACRIFICIAL DAGGER, is upon us. An album years in the making, the recording marks the culmination of the band’s decades in decay, crafting uncompromising music, forging the path they choose. Keeping the same lineup since their sophomore album, Black and Blood (2013), Soul Remnants is continuing to hone in their sound and channel their ultimate voice. There are no trends followed, there are no rules to this sonic disaster. Raising the Sacrificial Dagger consists of eleven tracks of melodic death metal with elements of black metal, thrash, prog, and even some surprises. We have sacrificed our lives to create this metal masterpiece, forever to the under ground, and those who know.

Release date: December 10, 2021

Pre-order the album here: 


Ouroboros (2017)

Black and Blood (2013)

Plague of the Universe (2009)


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"Outstanding showmanship...certainly one of the year's best stories in this sanction."  9/10

   — review of "Black and Blood"

"To put it simply, this is one of the very best metal releases I have ever heard."

   — review of "Black and Blood"

"Not often does an unknown band blow you away. Boston's Soul Remnants did just that with their album, "Black and Blood".

   — review of "Black and Blood"

"A listening experience that evokes the greatness of metal in a humble but energetic way."

   — review of "Black and Blood"

"Soul Remnants' hard work plugging away in underground obscurity has culminated in one of the most satisfying death metal albums I've had the pleasure to listen to this year. If this excellent album is any indication, their little known status looks set to be shattered. Phenomenal."

   — review of "Black and Blood"

"Note to all the veteran death metal acts struggling to find the energy of their classic releases: this is how it's done."

   — review of "Plague of the Universe"

"Composing varied tracks without stepping into hectic and dead hearted fret board gymnastics. Fans of technical Death Metal as well as open minded people shouldn't hesitate to give this band a try."

   — review of "Plague of the Universe"

"...they know how to write songs, understand the importance of hooks amid the chaos of numbing percussion and swirling riffs, and they keep the whole album tight."

   — review of "Plague of the Universe"



Download promotional materials: (1.69MB)

Includes high res logo .tif, logo .eps, and band photo

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